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The leading of a young generation in that pure way in which the wisdom ofthis world hath no place, where parents and tutors, humbly waiting for theheavenly Counsellor, may example them in the truth as it is in Jesus, hath forseveral days been the exercise of my mind. Oh, how safe, how quiet, is thatstate where the soul stands in pure obedience to the voice of Christ, and awatchful care is maintained not to follow the voice of the stranger! HereChrist is felt to be our Shepherd, and under His leading people are brought to a stability; and where He doth not lead forward, we are bound in the bonds ofpure love to stand still and wait upon Him. Let us not forget that "The Most High hath His way in the deep, in clouds,and in thick darkness"; that it is His voice which crieth to the city and tothe country, and oh that these loud and awakening cries may have a propereffect upon us, that heavier chastisement may not become necessary! For thoughthings, as to the outward, may for a short time afford a pleasing prospect,yet, while a selfish spirit, that is not subject to the cross of Christ,continueth to spread and prevail, there can be no long continuance in outwardpeace and tranquillity. If we desire an inheritance incorruptible, and to be atrest in that state of peace and happiness which ever continues; if we desire inthis life to dwell under the favour and protection of that Almighty Being whosehabitation is in holiness, whose ways are all equal, and whose anger is nowkindled because of our backslidings, --let us then awfully regard thesebeginnings of His sore judgments, and with abasement and humiliation turn toHim whom we have offended. In this lonely walk and state of abasement and humiliation, the condition ofthe Church in these parts was opened before me, and I may truly say with theProphet, "I was bowed down with the hearing of it; I was dismayed at the seeingof it." Under this exercise I attended the Quarterly Meeting at Gunpowder, andin bowedness of spirit I had to express with much plainness my feelingsrespecting Friends living in fulness on the labours of the poor oppressednegroes; and that promise of the Most High was now revived, "I will gather allnations and tongues, and they shall come and see My glory." Here the sufferingsof Christ and His tasting death for every man, and the travels, sufferings, andmartyrdom of the Apostles and primitive Christians in labouring for theconversion of the Gentiles, were livingly revived in me, and according to themeasure of strength afforded I laboured in some tenderness of spirit, beingdeeply affected among them. The difference between the present treatment whichthese Gentiles, the negroes, receive at our hands, and the labours of theprimitive Christians for the conversion of the Gentiles, were pressed home, andthe power of truth came over us, under a feeling of which my mind was united toa tender-hearted people in these parts. The meeting concluded in a sense ofGod's goodness towards His humble, dependent children. Entering upon this business appeared weighty, and before I left home my mindwas often sad, under which exercise I felt at times the Holy Spirit which helpsour infirmities, and through which my prayers were at times put up to God inprivate that He would be pleased to purge me from all selfishness, that I mightbe strengthened to discharge my duty faithfully, how hard soever to the naturalpart. We proceeded on the visit in a weighty frame of spirit, and went to thehouses of the most active members who had negroes throughout the county. Esau is mentioned as a child red all over like a hairy garment. In Esau isrepresented the natural will of man. In preparing the water of separation a redheifer without blemish, on which there had been no yoke, was to be slain andher blood sprinkled by the priest seven times towards the tabernacle of thecongregation; then her skin, her flesh, and all pertaining to her, was to beburnt without the camp, and of her ashes the water was prepared. Thus, thecrucifying of the old man, or natural will, is represented; and hence comes aseparation from that carnal mind which is death. "He who toucheth the dead bodyof a man and purifieth not himself with the water of separation, defileth thetabernacle of the Lord; he is unclean" (Num. xix. 13). LEVENTH of Eleventh Month, 1758. -- This day I set out for Concord; theQuarterly Meeting heretofore held there was now, by reason of a great increaseof members, divided into two by the agreement of Friends at our last YearlyMeeting. Here I met with our beloved friends Samuel Spavold and Mary Kirby fromEngland, and with Joseph White from Bucks County; the latter had taken leave ofhis family in order to go on a religious visit to Friends in England, and,through divine goodness, we were favoured with a strengthening opportunitytogether. 男人天堂网-男人天堂影院-亚洲男人天堂在线网-亚洲男人在线 Though my mind was thus settled in relation to hurtful dyes, I felt easy towear my garments heretofore made, and continued to do so about nine months. Now, as I have been with them in my lodge, my heart hath often yearned forthem, and tender desires have been raised in me that all owners and masters ofvessels may dwell in the love of God and therein act uprightly, and by seekingless for gain and looking carefully to their ways they may earnestly labour toremove all cause of provocation from the poor seamen, so that they may neitherfret nor use excess of strong drink; for, indeed, the poor creatures, in thewet and cold, seem to apply at times to strong drink to supply the want ofother convenience. Great reformation is wanting in the world, and the necessityof it among those who do business on great waters hath at this time beenabundantly opened before me. When meeting was over, we all agreed to sail the next day if the weather wassuitable and we were well; and being called up the latter part of the night,about fifty of us went on board a vessel; but, the wind changing, the seamenthought best to stay in the harbour till it altered, so we returned on shore. This was the first night that we lodged in the woods, and being wet withtravelling in the rain, as were also our blankets, the ground, our tent, andthe bushes under which we purposed to lay, all looked discouraging; but Ibelieved that it was the Lord who had thus far brought me forward, and that Hewould dispose of me as He saw good, and so I felt easy. We kindled a fire, withour tent open to it, then laid some bushes next the ground, and put ourblankets upon them for our bed, and, lying down, got some sleep. In themorning, feeling a little unwell, I went into the river; the water was cold,but soon after I felt fresh and well. About eight o'clock we set forward andcrossed a high mountain supposed to be upward of four miles over, the northside being the steepest. About noon we were overtaken by one of the Moravianbrethren going to Wehaloosing, and an Indian man with him who could talkEnglish; and we being together while our horses ate grass had some friendlyconversation; but they, travelling faster than we, soon left us. This Moravian,I understood, has this spring spent some time at Wehaloosing, and was invitedby some of the Indians to come again. In this Yearly Meeting several weighty matters were considered, and towardthe last that in relation to dealing with persons who purchase slaves. Duringthe several sittings of the said meeting, my mind was frequently covered withinward prayer, and I could say with David, "that tears were my meat day andnight." The case of slave-keeping lay heavy upon me, nor did I find anyengagement to speak directly to any other matter before the meeting. Now whenthis case was opened several faithful Friends spake weightily thereto, withwhich I was comforted; and feeling a concern to cast in my mite, I said insubstance as follows: -"In the difficulties attending us in this life nothing is more preciousthan the mind of truth inwardly manifested; and it is my earnest desire that inthis weighty matter we may be so truly humbled as to be favoured with a clearunderstanding of the mind of truth, and follow it; this would be of moreadvantage to the Society than any medium not in the clearness of divine wisdom.